A-Frame Easels and Why Your Business Needs Them

Visual aids make board meetings, strategy development sessions, and marketing pitches a lot easier. They allow you to quickly and easily translate a thought or statistical information to an entire room of people, and they can be used for reference throughout the event. However, being able to display such visual aids effectively and reliably is sometimes difficult.

Most companies use easels to display their visual aids, but there are multiple types of easels on the market, and finding the right one to match your needs depends on a few variables.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the traditional A-frame easel and what types of uses it’s best for.

What is an A-Frame Easel?

An A-frame easel is a type of flipchart that has an inclined surface supported by two folding support frames. These frames join together at the top, and their bases spread far apart to create an “A” shape on each side. The inclined surface can either be a flat surface that you display your paper materials on, or it can have a built-in whiteboard to function as a portable writing surface.

What is A-Frame Easels Best At?

Each type of easel has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. For the classic A-frame variant, you get an exceptionally sturdy, high-strength easel that can hold larger materials with ease. This makes them excellent options for displaying large paper charts, complex business plans, or even several large poster boards at a time. This also creates an easy-to-use surface for on-the-fly writing and scribbling if you get one with a whiteboard surface.

What are A-Frame Easels Not Suitable For?

While A-frame easels excel at holding heavier loads such as several large display charts or entire whiteboards, they’re not a perfect all-around option. A-frame easels made from aluminum can be extremely light, but wooden and steel options are a bit heavier and clunkier to move around.

They’re also a bit larger, and this can make them unwieldy if you need to move the easel frequently throughout a presentation. Finally, this large size also means you’ll need more room to store it. This is alleviated by their ability to fold, but they still require more storage room than other easel types.

Who are A-Frame Easels For?

Due to their large capacity and sturdiness, A-frame easels are perfect for meeting rooms that are rarely rearranged, presentations that require a multitude of materials and charts, and strategy meetings where noting key points in full view of the other participants is a must. However, they’re not a great option if you need a highly mobile option or something that doesn’t take up much space.

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