The benefits of using a flip chart

Flip charts are perfect to use as a static display tool for presentation slides. This makes them the perfect aid for business meetings, yes, but beyond that, they can also be used for many other situations. For example, a teacher may use them during lessons to creatively show a lesson plan or the day’s objective.

Writing or drawing on a flip chart is easy and engaging. It’s easy to prepare a set of pages in advance, but it’s even better to use a flip chart as you’re speaking to draw more attention to the subject you’re lecturing on. Alternatively, there’s a great halfway point where you can draw up most of your presentation, and then add to it while you’re speaking to your audience. This act, whichever version you choose, is extremely energising for the speaker.

During a flip chart presentation, audiences can ask more questions. Artwork or drawings add a sense of informality to a meeting, which allows those listening to you to feel that they can politely interrupt and add more dialogue to the meeting. It’s also much easier for those in attendance to ask questions because drawing on a flip chart takes time, which adds open space to a meeting and provides healthy pauses for you to get your thoughts together.

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