Vario Mobile Easel: Why Your Business Needs One

Whether you’re the head of a fast-paced ER team or a small business that frequently has to plan out new branding strategies with limited meeting room and storage space, you need a quick and mobile way to display your visual aids and get your team on the same page.

With a Vario Mobile Easel, you can easily organize your visual aids such as charts and bullet-point notes while maintaining the mobility you need to work quickly in a confined space.

Let’s dive into the benefits and cons of this innovative business tool so you can decide if it’s the right option for you.

What is a Vario Mobile Easel?

A Vario Mobile Easel is a branded easel product that provides unmatched maneuverability and versatility. It combines the whiteboard surface of a modern easel with the paper suspension arms of more traditional options and mounts those two display surfaces on a convenient wheeled frame. This makes transporting the easel a breeze, and it allows for it to be moved around during a hectic meeting.

Benefits of a Vario Mobile Easel:

A Vario Mobile Easel is mostly sought after for its flexibility in the workspace and ease of transportation. Its main whiteboard surface allows your team leader to quickly jot down notes during a brainstorm meeting or illustrate points on the fly, and its paper suspension arms allow for it quickly be converted into a display for paper charts and visual aids with ease.

This is combined with a mobile stand that rolls freely on three lockable wheels; allowing the easel to be rolled to its storage space, moved around the meeting room, or transported between rooms without having to carry it.

This type of flexibility is priceless in a small work area or when moving it frequently is a necessity.

What are the Cons of the Vario Mobile Easel?

The same features that make the Vario Mobile Easel stand out are also the features that make it unsuitable for some scenarios. While the wheels on the Vario Mobile Easel do lock, the slender and easy-to-store frame makes it less sturdy under heavier loads. It’s also incapable of holding poster boards, but this weakness is made up for by its integrated whiteboard.

Who is the Vario Mobile Easel For?

The Vario Mobile Easel is a wonderful option for any business that needs a mobile, efficient, and highly versatile way to display visual aids. This includes hospital teams, small business owners who need the most bang for their buck, and businesses that frequently have to change meeting rooms or setups. However, if your business relies on a multitude of heavy visual aids such as poster boards, an A-frame easel or footbar easel is a better option.

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